Training & Support

Professional services & technical support

We Train and Support You

Your document management software will be properly installed, smoothly implemented and seamlessly integrated to ensure optimal benefits. Best of all, your staff will be fully trained and using the software within a couple of days after implementation.

Trouble-Free Installation

Specific installation requirements and procedural details are discussed with you in an initial design meeting. All software is tested upon installation to ensure it is running properly for accurate, trouble-free and rapid deployment.

Software Integration

Document management and office automation software can be used to accelerate your key business processes by automatically sharing data and accessing information across your different software systems, without the need for custom programming or incurring the expense associated with it. Invoice processing is a common point of integration and Isatong_doc can integrate your document management software with any Windows® based application.

In-Depth Training

Training can be delivered both onsite for local staff and via the web for remote staff, and it is critical that both users and administrators are trained. Your employees are trained to use the document management software accurately with 100% compliance and your administrators are instructed on how to manage and oversee usage effectively.

Workflow Automation Design

Automating your workflow to accelerate processing, ensure accountability and streamline your key business processes is based upon your business rules and designed to meet your specific workflow goals and optimize your business processes.

Technical Support You Can Count On

Ongoing support issues can range from simple configuration training to software upgrade training to adding new projects based on the initial project’s success. We can accurately and quickly help you diagnose issues, provide guidance for upgrades and help you expand the solution to different departments.

Trained, Certified & Experienced

Whether you choose cloud, in-house document management software or office automation services, we’ll have you up and running almost immediately —with no disruption to your ongoing business processes.

Document Database Conversion

Images and indexes from your existing document management system can be converted to most any other document management platform, including MS SharePoint, FileBound and others.

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