Document Management Solutions For Any Department Or Industry

Solve your paper problems

The best document management solution for your organization is the one that considers your needs, budget, business processes and goals.


Reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating your accounts payable processes.


Securely capture, store, access, manage, and track HR and related documents in a compliant manner.


Easily and quickly access historic patient records from within your EMR system.


Protect your data and intellectual property by scanning and archiving a digital record of your laboratory notebooks.


Streamline your processes and empower your employees to provide stellar customer service.


Minimize space requirements and maximize the appearance of your new office.


Streamline your business processes with e-forms, workflow automation, data sharing, and mobile access.


Save trees, energy and fuel by reducing paper in your office.

Account Payable

Ensure Process Integrity, Corporate Compliance & Reduce Costs

Automating your accounts payable process is easier and more affordable than ever before. Streamline your processes by scanning your invoices, electronically routing them through your organization for processing and automatically extracting line-item data for sharing with your ERP system.

Streamline Processing with Workflow Automation Software

Scanned invoices kick-off workflow automation(2a.4) allowing you to streamline and process invoices quicker, easier and more affordably than ever before. Improve staff accountability, improve invoice processing times and gain visibility into your processes.

Quicker & More Flexible Searching with Full Text OCR

Optical Character Recognition enables full-text searches of words or phrases and indicates their location within your financial documents. You can search on “Amount,” “PO#,” or “$” and get to the corresponding line item in seconds. Document searches that used to take hours or days can now be done in minutes.

Securely Store, Access & Track Your AP Invoices & Support Documents

Securely store, access and track your processed invoices from internally hosted or cloud-based document management software that is integrated with your ERP system for one-click viewing from within your ERP software.

Streamline & Accelerate Invoice Processing:

  • Spend more time managing exceptions rather than doing rote work
  • Grow without having to increase payroll for administrative personnel
  • Improve cash management with instant visibility into outstanding invoices and payments in process
  • Eliminate manual data entry and corresponding errors and labor costs
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid duplicate and late payments
  • Seamless integration with SAP, Oracle, Sage MAS, Sage 50, Microsoft Dynamics GP, QuickBooks and other ERP systems

Human Resources

Securely Manage & Process Human Resource Documents to Mitigate Risk

Securely capture, store, access, manage, and track HR and related documents in a compliant manner with document scanning services, e-forms, document management software, and workflow automation.

Reduce Paper with Document Scanning

By converting paper-based employee records, benefits administration files, contracts, tax forms and other HR documents into electronic files, information can be securely stored, retrieved and shared from your computer or mobile device.

Improve Efficiency with E-Forms

E-forms(2a.5) capture, verify and move data automatically into your HRM system, eliminating the need for duplication of information and manual data entry. Eliminating paper forms allows for greater efficiencies and streamlined processing of documents such as on-boarding, vacation request and performance evaluation forms.

Streamline Processes with Automated Workflow

Workflow automation(2a.4) eliminates manual processes by kicking off an automated routing, approval and tracking process saving time, increasing productivity and assuring accountability.

Securely Access & Share Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime

Securely store, retrieve, distribute, track and manage I-9s, pension contribution forms and other critical HR documents with in-house(2a.1) or cloud-based(2a.2) document management software. Documents can be protected to meet security and compliance guidelines by restricting access and tracking changes through user privileges and security settings.

Seamless Software Integration

By integrating seamlessly with your HRM system, our document management software provides enhanced functionality to your business applications. You can be working in Oracle® PeopleSoft, for example, and immediately access a corresponding document with a single keystroke, never leaving the PeopleSoft interface.

Customer Service

Customer Service Document Management Scanning Solutions

An integration between your CRM and our record management software allows your business to answer questions immediately by providing access to your documents with just a click of your mouse in the CRM system. Our customer service record management software helps customer service representatives resolve issues on the first call and keeps customers happy, which is paramount to the success of any organization.

Does your business currently face the following customer service record management challenges?

  • Inability to immediately respond to customer inquiries
  • Inability to resolve issues on the first call which results in the typical, “Let me look that up and get back to you”, response

If so, Isatong Doc can help. We provide customer service record management solutions that help businesses:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Offer instant access to content via email, fax, images or customer portal
  • Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently
  • Reduce processing costs and increase customer saving

Medical Records

Scan, Store & Access Patient Files

Working with Isatong_doc we ensure the confidentiality and security of your patients’ protected health information (PHI) and in turn helps assure that your health care facility is in compliance with regulations in Nigeria.

Leverage the Power of Your EMR System

Access your scanned medical records directly from within your EMR system for immediate access to historic patient information.Isatong’s document management software(2a) provides the functionality necessary to securely store your digitally converted patient files and access them directly through your EMR system.

Capture New Patient Data Automatically with E-Forms

With e-forms, the multitude of forms that patients have to complete are digitized with patient data automatically loaded into your billing and patient care software programs. No more data entry, scanning or filing of new patient forms, quality care forms or other required forms.

Improve Practice Profitability, Efficiency & Facilitate Compliance

  • Scan your medical records and provide secure and immediate access through your EMR system
  • Eliminate file cabinets and storage boxes and reallocate space for revenue producing services
  • Avoid having to transfer your scanned medical records from one EMR system to another by storing them on document management software
  • Merge new doctors’ records into your existing system without disruption to services or access to patient charts
  • Eliminate the need for data entry or filing of patient forms
  • Provide better patient service

The Green Office

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Document Scanning

Going paperless means saving more than one type of green; save trees, energy, fuel, money, and time.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Take couriers and overnight delivery services off the road
  • Reduce electricity usage with less real estate. Less paper means fewer filing cabinets and reduced warehouse needs which means less real estate
  • Use less paper and decrease the emissions of factories that manufacture paper

Go Paperless & Save More Than One Type of Gree

  • You can help the environment and your bottom-line with cost-effective document scanning, document management services and office automation software.
  • Document scanning & conversion
  • Document management services and software
  • Workflow automation
  • e-Forms

Office Automation

Automate Your Business Processes

By accurately capturing critical documents and data that drive decisions in an automated and accelerated process, companies can significantly improve performance and agility, reduce costs and ensure accountability.

Now Affordable For All Business

Office automation software was once cost-prohibitive for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Today, FileBound office automation software is an affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes. The cloud reduces costs further to a very modest

Streamline Your Business Processes

  • E-forms: An automated paperless process that streamlines the creation, completion and distribution of transactional forms.
  • Workflow automation: Automatically distribute and pass electronic documents, information and tasks from one participant to another for action.
  • Data Sharing: Pass data between your document management and line of business software to eliminate manual data entry errors and expedite processing of information.
  • Mobile Access: Securely save, access, share and process the documents you need from your Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or Android mobile device.

Disasters Recovery

Cloud-based Document Management Ensures Business Continuity

Document management technologies, particularly cloud-based systems, are a great first step to take to ensure business continuity after disaster strikes. Effective disaster recovery plans include how to access your business documents and information and how to operate efficiently after an event occurs, even if you have to relocate your offices.

Uninterrupted Access to Your Documents

Scanning your business critical documents into a cloud-based document management system protects your document assets and provides security and control, reducing risk to the organization. Even if you do not have access to your office for months, you will be able to access your critical documents including contracts, legal documents, human resource files, inventory control logs and insurance policies.

Secure Document Management in the Cloud

Cloud document management (2a.2) provides secure, 24/7 access to your business documents from anywhere with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Security settings at the document, folder and project level ensure access by appropriate staff only.

  • Highly secure and redundant
  • No upfront capital expense
  • Low monthly expenses
  • Cost effective
  • Unlimited users and projects
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Track progress & receive automatic alerts with workflow modules(2a.4)

Office Relocation

Move Your Office Without Moving Your File Cabinets

Scan your critical business documents before your company moves to minimize space requirements and maximize the appearance of your new office.

Moving into a new office can be stressful. Lessen the stress with document scanning services and document management services before you move and leave your paper documents and file cabinets behind.

  • Lessen the amount of office space needed
  • Avoid the cost of moving files
  • Plan for a clean, contemporary office design with no file cabinets
  • Accommodate telecommuting with ease
  • Store, retrieve, share, track and manage your documents from any computer or mobile device
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