Oil & Gas


Automate document processes, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance

The Oil and Gas industry needs successful document management processes to mitigate risk, control project value chains, coordinate deliverables from multiple contractors and produce auditable records. we understand the specific needs of this industry and enable organizations throughout the energy sector to successfully streamline and gain tighter control of mission-critical processes.

Asset information management

In the Oil & Gas industry Owner Operators, EPC contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers collaborate in building and maintaining plants, installations, refineries, and other assets. These projects require efficient engineering document management, for project, maintenance and as-built information needs to be managed. Because of health, safety and other regulations, you need up-to-date as-built information of your assets and you need 24/7 access to this information in case of any issue or calamity.

Project document management

In projects, you provide your partners the up-to-date project documentation and as-built information or your assets to do the maintenance work or to make the necessary changes. When the work is completed, all project partners need to provide all the project information to update the as-built documentation for future maintenance and health and safety regulations in case of any issues or calamities. Accurate document management is crucial for you to manage and maintain your plants, installation, refineries and other assets and to comply with health and safety regulations. Below are some of the processes in the oil and gas industry for which we provide solutions and services to manage and control documents:

  • Field Exploration and Product Maturation Process
  • Engineering- & plant management
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Management
  • Manuals and part tagging
  • Cross supply chain collaboration o Transmittal Management o Target specific portal access
  • Management of change
  • Review and approval workflow cycles for engineering documents
  • Tender Management

Document management & control

Some examples of how we support the Oil & Gas industry:

  • Centrally manage project, maintenance and as-built documentation in (2a)
  • Manage CAD drawings, Office documents and email.
  • Provide 24/7 access to documents for safety regulations.
  • Distribute (updated) documents and to all project partners.
  • Automate business review processes with productive workflows (2a.4). • Publish as-built documentation.
  • Online collaboration and document management.
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