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Helping Nonprofits Do More With Less

Doing more with less is unfortunately the new “norm” for non-profit organizations. Document scanning services and document management software helps you operate more efficiently and reduce operating costs so your organization can deliver much needed services with fewer available resources.

Scan Documents to Gain Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Document scanning is the critical first step in reducing costs, improving efficiency and automating processes throughout your organization. Your documents are converted to digital images and securely stored in document management software for immediate and easy retrieval. Documents can be scanned at our location or at your on-site location

Document Management for Easier Access & Greater Control

Document management software(2a.1) ensures that the appropriate staff in your organization can securely access scanned and electronic documents in seconds from the desktop or a mobile device, 24/7.

  • Secure & immediate access to client files, donor files, grant proposals, correspondence, BOD meeting minutes and other critical documents
  • Scan, access and track financial documents, HR files, purchase orders, expense reports
  • Ensure compliance with document security and audit trails
  • Reduce audit related costs
  • Streamline invoice processing

Think Cloud

Non-profits are increasingly taking advantage of cloud document management, which allows for all of the functionality of document management software but with the addition of secure, remote and mobile access through a web browser. This is especially useful so field workers can access critical documents, like client files, whenever and wherever they are needed.

Save Time & Money With E-forms

With e-forms(2a.4), a nonprofit Organization can quickly and easily improve efficiency, accelerate processing and eliminate manual data entry from paper forms. Information on e-forms integrates seamlessly with most fundraising and financial software and automatically populates databases and spreadsheets. By eliminating the need for paper forms, e-forms streamline “paperwork,” free up personnel and reduce the incidence of errors.

  • Employee on-boarding forms
  • New client forms
  • Membership forms
  • Donor forms
  • Review forms
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