Health Care

Digitizing vital patient records will cut billions in healthcare costs and, more importantly, help save lives. Electronic Health Records (EHR) reduces problems caused by lost, misplaced, or damaged paper records—and that can sometimes result in a life-or-death situation for the patient. From electronic medical records to accounts payable automation, IPS’s expertise helps eliminate complexity, speed execution and contain costs– keeping healthcare organizations from being trapped inside a box of paper. This is accomplished through the innovative use of electronic document management. IPS transforms patient medical records from unwieldy paper into searchable, indexed electronic health records (EHR)—an important first step toward complete computerization of all health records.

With IPS innovation, the benefits are immediate. Although many politicians have long called for greater computerization of health records, progress has been slow—despite some rather obvious and painful lessons. For example, when Hurricane Katrina swarmed into New Orleans, hospital basements full of medical records became nothing more than landfills. As healthcare providers seek new and innovative ways to achieve greater operational efficiency and improve patient, staff, and physician satisfaction while, at the same time, reducing costs, digitizing medical records is a simple and effective choice. – See more here.

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