Document Scanning & Document Management Services

ECM Solutions for Financial Document Management Manage finance documents electronically to increase customer service, reduce costs, speed processes and drive new revenue In financial services, documents are a core component of business. How financial documents are stored and managed plays a pivotal role in the competitiveness of a firm: the efficiency of its operations, how well risk is avoided, and the accuracy of important financial decisions. The financial services industry generates millions of pieces of paper a day, ranging from application forms, contracts, client correspondence, customer documentation and more – making financial document storage a challenge for most organizations. Our solutions efficiently consolidate all of your paper and electronic financial documents so your organization can deliver exceptional customer service from account openings to loan processing, while reducing costs and increasing compliance. The financial services industry has changed a lot in the last few years. New regulations, increased competition and market pressure, along with data and information security, all have been raised to the forefront. Working with a solution provider that truly understands the information records needs of your institution can help eliminate costs, streamline requests for information and mitigate risk.

Having access to your records and information is critical for your business. By partnering with a single vendor your program can integrate both paper document archiving and electronic data management. Isatong doc works with you to deliver a comprehensive strategy that enables you to address all information management challenges and allows you to be more productive and respond to the needs of your business stakeholder, regulators and clients.

Leveraging years of experience Isatong_doc delivers services, solutions and controls that address many of the information management challenges facing financial institutions today including:

  • Workflow efficiencies and cost saving ( 2a.4)
  • Vendor consolidations and risk mitigation
  • Compliance with customer privacy regulation with off-site shredding and data destruction
  • Hybrid paper and electronic records management programs
  • Maximize office space, hardware and IT resources through off-site records storage
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