Automate admissions, financial aid and student records management to increase student service, reduce costs and streamline operations across the campus

The industry of Education is traditionally a paper intensive, document and process driven environment. Areas such as admissions, financial aid, registration, athletic departments, human resources, and accounting, all employ paper based procedures. Higher Education systems, including public and private universities, community colleges and other institutions, can all benefit from streamlining mission-critical business processes to reduce costs, improve student service, and ensure compliance. Schools, colleges and universities are used to managing an abundance of paper, whether it is related to administrative or academic tasks, stacks of paper accumulate easily.

This abundance of paper causes many issues:

  • Expensive storage space that could be given over to teaching activities
  • Insecure storage of sensitive information
  • Restricted access to vital data and papers
  • Hours spent searching for the right document
  • And not to mention a fire hazard. If you multiply these issues by each of your institution’s departments: faculties, library services, student services, HR, estates, legal, SMT and finance and include all geographical locations, the amount of paper floating about very quickly adds-up drowning you, your staff and students in paper records. Sound familiar?

Isatong Doc Solution

Our electronic document management (EDM) system has been designed to address the mounting paper trails within educational institutions, with the sole purpose of making the hectic and challenging lives of teachers, lecturers, professors and administrators a whole lot easier. We provide fast and easy scanning and indexing of all your records including registration/registrar Documents. The single system integrates across all back and front office applications and provides secure, controlled document access, storage and retrieval. Every piece of information relating to a student, including enrolment forms, parental authorities, fees, medical issues, disciplinary issues, academic achievements and references and email correspondence, can be stored in just one central location.

Key benefits of implementing Swordfish at your institution:

  • Saves staff time filing and retrieving documents, delivering efficiencies and saving you money
  • Reduces costs associated with paper production
  • Removes the need for onsite and offsite paper storage
  • Faster processing of student information
  • Improves data security and disaster contingency planning
  • Reduces physical storage space and associated costs
  • Improves accuracy of content with full data capture and indexing
  • Increases control over sensitive data
  • Efficiently manages the document and data life-cycles
  • Aids compliance with Data Protection, FOI and HMRC regulations.
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