Document Scanning

Your first step in going paperless

Reduce paper, improve efficiency and cut costs quickly and easily.

With document scanning services your documents are converted to digital images that are electronically stored, retrieved, tracked and managed from your computer or mobile device.

Our experienced staff takes the hassle out of document scanning by managing every aspect of your document scanning project. Services we provide include:

  • Project planning
  • Secure transportation
  • Document preparation
  • Document scanning
  • File indexing and OCR’ing
  • Image quality control
  • Document shredding

Save time, money and space by converting paper documents into digital images.


Quickly locate documents by searching on any word, date or phrase.


Expedite document processing when your mail is received and scanned at our secure scanning facility.


Search your documents easily with accurately captured data.


Easily store, access and share oversize documents.


Scan your bound or unbound books to meet regulatory compliance and disaster recovery guidelines.


Digitize handwritten and hard-to-read data.

On-Site Document Scanning

Scanning documents at your location

Your organization may have requirements that necessitate certain documents not leave your premises and be scanned at your location. On-site document scanning services allow those documents to remain at your facility while we bring our professional document scanning services to you. This includes the entire process from preparation, scanning, indexing, file conversion and document filing.

Your Location, Our Document Scanning Expertise Your documents will be prepped, scanned, indexed and put through quality control checks on-site. Your documents will be processed using:

  • Production-level document scanners
  • Full-featured document capture software
  • Experienced document scanning professionals
  • Highly accurate indexing
  • Dedicated project managers ensure your scanning project is of the highest accuracy and delivered on time
  • Scanned images are loaded into your cloud document management software or in-house system for secure storage and immediate access.

Scanning and indexing of documents is a data-intensive and labor intensive process. Many businesses cannot justify the man-power needed to keep up and the capital investment to implement a sufficient document imaging system. Isatong_doc provides all the required people, hardware and software at a per image fee and requires no capital expenditures.

Save Time, Money & Space

  • Save time by locating and processing documents faster
  • Save money by streamlining business processes and reducing processing, real estate and labor costs
  • Regain space by eliminating file cabinets and storage boxes
  • Improve efficiency with immediate access to any document from your computer or mobile device

Benefits Of Outsourcing Scanning

  • Avoids making high investment in equipment.
  • Saves time and Money on training and retaining Staff.
  • Helps organization’s to focus on their Core competency.
  • Provides flexibility to carry out scanning at off-site location which helps utilized office space for the core business activities.
  • Helps create a customized solution for your Digitization requirement.
  • Easily accommodate seasonal spike in volumes.
  • Use the best available technology and best practice to digitize data.
  • Helps streamline business processes and improve efficiency.
  • Reduces data delivery turnaround time.
  • Helps create Paperless office.
  • Helps in creating a Robust Records Management Solution.
  • Plan, Design and Implement new workflow process to manage paper based flow within the organization.

Off-Site Document Scanning

Scan Your Documents To Save Time, Money and Space

Document scanning is the critical first step in reducing paper, improving efficiency and automating processes throughout your organization. Paper documents are converted to digital images and securely stored in document management software for retrieval from your computer or mobile device.

Isatong Doc provides you complete Off-site document scanning services at Our office location in Lagos. This includes the entire process from transportation,preparation, scanning, indexing, file conversion and document filing. Try our Back Scanning Services! Drop off your documents or we can pick them up, and we will scan them for you!


Large Format Document Scanning

A Better Way to Store & Access Oversize Documents

By converting engineering drawings, topographic maps, circuit drawings and other oversize documents into scanned images, you can easily store, access and share these documents from any computer.

Retrieve Oversize Documents from your Desktop

  • Eliminate the time and hassle of searching through flat drawers, tubes and hanging files
  • Protect engineering drawings from wear and tear due to continuous handling and copying
  • View a “cleaner than original” image of topographic maps on your computer
  • View and email architectural drawings directly from your desktop
  • Share duplicate sets of circuit drawings and other large format documents easily and quickly
  • Reduce real estate needs

Full text OCR and ICR

Full Text Optical Character Recognition

You can search words, phrases or dates and their location within a document is indicated without you having to read through the document. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is an advanced document imaging technology that converts scanned documents and electronic files (PDFs, digital images) into fully searchable text documents.

Document Searches That Used to Take Hours Now Take Minutes with OCR

  • Quickly locate files based on a word, phrase, date or subject matter that was not indexed
  • Full-text search results identify where key words are found and how they appear in context
  • Data can be shared across applications to streamline communications and workflow
  • Avoid the time and cost of having staff manually type in data and eliminate manual errors

Document Indexing

Locate Your Documents Easily & Quickly

Quickly and easily retrieve your scanned documents by searching on any value you determine such as invoice number, customer name, date field, document type, etc. Document indexing captures data so you can accurately and reliably find your documents from any computer, laptop or mobile device. Isatong’s indexing processes are automated when possible, keyed and verified when necessary and always run through multiple quality control checks.

Confidently Retrieve Your Scanned Documents with Accurate Indexing

  • Barcode Indexing
  • Automated Data Capture Software Indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition Indexing • Match-n-Merge Indexing
  • Double Key Indexing
  • Variable Lookup Indexing


Leading Document Scanning and Document Management Software Providers

Document scanning and document management software that is easy to learn, quick to deploy, and can be integrated seamlessly with your current line-of-business applications for improved efficiency and profitability multiple quality control checks.



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