Document Management

Store, Access & Manage Your Documents

What if any document you needed was no more than a keystroke away? What if you could automate critical business processes to improve productivity? What if sharing content was much easier and helped team projects run much more efficiently? All this and more is a reality with an integrated document management system. The primary function of Document Management is to provide structure to the way you file, store, retrieve and secure all of your critical documents. Within the system, authorized users can quickly access the documents and information they need. To make this possible, documents are filed in a logical way similar to the way physical files are organized. Document Management systems are usually thought of systems used to store and retrieve images of paper documents that have been imported from a dedicated document scanner.

Most Document Management systems have the ability to accept and manage all of the different types of content that a typical office worker interacts with daily. This includes all types of digital files and print output. For over 20 years we have been implementing class-leading document management and records management solutions to help companies recognize their paperless initiatives, reduce their environmental impact and improve customer service. We recognize that one size can’t fit all, that’s why we offer both cloud-based and on-site systems to meet virtually any need and budget. Simply put, we provide the seamless way to go paperless .


Securely access, manage, and share your organization’s vital documents 24/7 from any internet browser.


Streamline your business processes by distributing electronic documents, information or tasks for action.


Store, access, track and share your documents with software hosted on your internal servers.


Securely access and share your critical business documents from a smartphone or tablet.


More than a fillable PDF, e-forms automate data capture, data entry and integrate with your core business systems.


Gain control of your emails easily, quickly and cost effectively from within a document management system.


Safe, secure storage for all your electronic media, paper or microfilm on a long-term or short term basis.


Highly trained industry certified professionals ensure your document management solutions are implemented properly and supported with technical expertise and superior customer service.

In House Document Management

Store, access, track and share your documents with software hosted on your internal servers.

In-house document management software, can run on a single computer or on thousands of networked computers in distributed locations for secure access to your scanned documents and electronic files for streamlined processing and immediate retrieval. Best of all, it is quick to implement, easy to use and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes.

Better Manage Your Documents

  • Easily enforce centralized document storage and indexing
  • Quickly retrieve documents in seconds from your desktop
  • Ensure version control
  • Seamlessly integrate with your line-of-business applications
  • Streamline business processes with workflow automation services
  • Easily share and distribute documents
  • Implement access level privileges and functionality controls
  • Meet regulatory compliance guidelines with audit trails, utilization reports and security logs
  • Seamlessly expand to include other projects or departments
  • Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Cloud Document Management

Securely access, manage, and share your organization’s vital documents 24/7 from any internet browser.

Online document management software frees you from the burden of installing, administering and supporting software without compromising security or scalability. Best of all, this powerful and robust software reduces your IT infrastructure costs and operational expenses while increasing efficiency throughout your organization.

Any Document, Anywhere, At Anytime

  • Immediate access to your documents from any web browser
  • Highly secure & redundant for reliable access
  • No capital expenditure, additional IT support or programming necessary
  • Built-in scalability for unlimited users and projects
  • Free and automatic software upgrades
  • Mobile access (2a.3) from your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or Android device
  • Access level privileges, functionality controls, audit trails, utilization reports and security logs

Implement & Integrate With Ease

Isatong’s highly trained and certified professional services(2a.10) team ensures your cloud-based document management software is properly installed and integrated with your existing systems and your staff is fully trained.

Mobile Document Management

Securely access and share your critical business documents from a smart phone or tablet.

Instant & Secure Access From Your Mobile Device

You demand and expect instant access to documents and information in the office or on the go. Mobile document management meets this challenge by providing secure access to your critical documents from your Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Document level access, user rights and administrative settings are carried through to your mobile device, ensuring security while working in or out of your office.

Upload & Update Documents, E-Forms & Pictures Easily

Whether from e-mails, documents or the device camera, you can instantly upload content to your cloud document management software for immediate filing and storage. Whether you’re a sales manager who wants to organize receipts for an expense report or a C-level official who was just e-mailed a large contract, you can upload and view documents from your mobile device anywhere at any time. That’s a powerful tool.

Complete Assignments While On The Go

Take advantage of mobile workflow automation(2a.4) to view, approve and complete assignments and documents. This allows for continuous and immediate completion of key business processes, even while away from the office, all from your mobile device.

Automate You Workflow

Streamline your business processes by distributing electronic documents, information or tasks for action

Streamline your business processes by automatically distributing and passing electronic documents, information and tasks from one participant to another for action according to your business rules.

Accelerate & Improve Your Business Processes

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Accelerate processing
  • Gain visibility into your processes
  • Assure accountability
  • Reduce processing costs

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Workflow automation software is In contrast to a paper-based system that is cumbersome, labor intensive and prone to error with little or no accountability. Documents are easily entered into your workflow management software via document imaging(2b), e-forms(2a.5) or importing electronic files that kick off an automated routing, approval and tracking process.


More than a fillable PDF, e-forms automate data capture, data entry and integrate with your core business systems.

E-forms provide an automated paperless process that streamlines the creation, completion and distribution of transactional forms. By intelligently sharing data with your financial, HR and other business systems, there is no need for manual data entry, increasing data accuracy and decreasing processing times.

Collect, Approve & Manage Information Online

Manual based paper forms are expensive, difficult to distribute and drive up operational costs. E-forms improve processing times and increase accuracy by automating data capture, sharing information across your business systems and eliminating the need for manual data entry. E-forms can kick off an automated workflow process and are securely stored, tracked and managed from within document management software.

Automate & Streamline Processing of Your Critical Documents

  • Collect, validate and approve data electronically
  • Improve data accuracy as there is no need for manual data entry
  • Improve processing times
  • Automatically share data across business systems
  • Legally binding with digital signatures

Getting Started With E-Forms

  • Job Applications & HR On-Boarding Documents
  • Order Forms
  • Service Request Forms
  • Credit Applications

Document Shredding

Safely and securely dispose of your corporate critical records

Your business is producing more information than ever before—at a time when privacy and information disposal laws are increasing exponentially. As a result, you need to ensure that you’re not only protecting your sensitive business and customer information, but that you’re securely disposing of it. With Isatong’s Secure Shredding services, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents while overcoming your information privacy challenges.

You want to be assured that your confidential documents stay confidential

Isatong’s proven, uncompromising compliance standards make sure your documents get destroyed when you want, where you want and how you want. So you can focus on your other priorities – growing your business. Bulk destruction services for large jobs can be arranged and coordinated with a minimum of inconvenience to your business.

Records Personal

Trained and certified professionals

Isatong’s can provide you with an experience professional from our pool of certified resources to work with you on your specific project where required. From Technical writing, process and project management our experts will provide you with the Best consultation service. Depending on the role, an hourly rate is fixed for each personnel.

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