Building and Construction


Collaboration and document management

Whether you are a large or small construction company, and whether you are into buildings & utilities or civil engineering projects, engineering document management and document control is very important to you. In collaboration with owners, architects, engineering consulting firms, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, you have to manage and control a large flow of documents and it is critical that every project member is well informed to ensure a successful project.


Large document flows

In your projects there is intensive information and document exchange between you and your project partners. To prevent errors and to reduce costs and risks, especially in Design and Construct or EPC contracts, it is important that you have the right information at the right time to perform your tasks successfully. You need to manage your project documents and you need to control the document distribution from and to your project partners, knowing exactly what you received and what you sent and why.

EDMS solutions for construction companies

Some examples of how Document Management (2a) can help building and construction companies:

  • Centrally manage all project documents in the Document Management system(2a), including CAD drawings, text documents, spreadsheets and email;
  • Distribute (tender) documents and updated documents and keep track of what was sent to whom, when and why;
  • Automate your business review processes with productive workflows(2a.4);
  • Publish documents in PDF ;
  • Online collaboration and document management.
  • Advanced search capability to filter through and retrieve any content on demand within seconds.
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